Saturday, May 23, 2020

A Brief on Saakshar Bharat Essay - 3251 Words

Brief on Saakshar Bharat 1. SAAKSHAR BHARAT Saakshar Bharat, the revised version of National Literacy Mission, was formally launched by Prime Minister, Dr. Manmohan Singh on 8th September, 2009, the International Literacy Day, but it came into implementation with effect from 1st October, 2009. The programme aims to further promote and strengthen Adult Education, specially of women, by extending educational options to those adults who having lost the opportunity of access to formal education and crossed the standard age for receiving such education, now feel a need for learning of any type, including, literacy, basic education (equivalency to formal education), vocational education (skill development), physical and emotional†¦show more content†¦Functional Literacy Programme Programme Objectives: Literacy Programme (LP) aims at achieving the first objective of the scheme, that is, two Impart functional literacy to non-literate adults. Functional literacy, in context of the programme, implies achieving self-reliance in Reading, Writing, Arithmetic (Numeracy) and becoming aware of the causes of one’s deprivation and moving towards amelioration of their condition through organization and participation in the process of development; Acquiring skills to improve the economic status and general well being; Creating an aware and responsible citizenry (Imbibing values of national integration, communal harmony, conservation of the environment, women’s equality, and reproductive behavior etc.). Literacy Programme Framework: The programme entails identification of non-literates through a survey, area wise mapping of their learning needs and imparting them instructor based teaching of about 300 hours spread over 3 months or beyond, depending on motivat ion of the learner and local conditions. Successful completion of the 300 hours of instructional learning would enable the learner to read and comprehend unknown text (news paper headings, road

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